Volunteer Today. Your Club Needs You!

We love our volunteers! We couldn't run any of our programs, or complete any of our parks projects without their generous donation of time, energy and elbow grease.

Please consider joining us on a project or helping out at an event. No time commitment is too small! One hour on Saturday morning, or co-chairing a whole event we would love to have you join us!

Volunteering with the Club is fun. Meet your neighbors. Help your community grow.

We are currently looking for volunteers for these Board Positions: Fundraising/Development, Governance, Parks and Open Spaces. Send an email to find out more by clicking HERE

We are also looking for committee members to help with events and programs. You can pick an event that it of interest to you whether it is politics (Candidates Forum), Day in the Park (Music), Taste Mount Baker and the Pot Luck (food and wine), Kindiependent (kids events) or any of the events listed on the calendar page.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to you community. It's also a great way to make new friends. For many it has also led to them getting more involved by joining committees or the Board. Volunteer today by clicking HERE.

Whether you help out for an hour or an evening your help is gratefully received by all who value our community. You can also come along to the next Community Meeting to find out more.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Mount Baker Community Club.



How much time does it take up?

As much or as little as you want to give. You might just want to help out at a Kindie event. This means being on site to help check/sell tickets. The performance lasts an hour so a little before and just after to help clear up. Being on a committee can involve a monthly meeting of an hour or so and helping with any tasks that need to done -booking performers, liaising with political candidates offices, posting news on Facebook etc. Board members meet on a monthly basis and provide support to the relevant committee or volunteers. Come to a Monthly Community Meeting to find out more of contact us to meet for an informal discussion to see what suits.

What experience do I need?

None. You just need a big heart, a vested interest in the community and a few hours to help make this the neighborhood we all want to live in. But if you have experience in running events, marketing, finance, legal/governance, or any professional skill that can help that works for us too!

What's in it for me?

Certainly not vast wealth and glamor! All positions are unpaid. But you will meet some great people, have fun, feel great pride in what we do and know that you are a big part in what makes our neighborhood so special. Mount Baker is always featured in the top 10 lists of areas to live in Seattle and the Clubhouse is always mentioned as part of that.

Do I have to live in Mount Baker?

To be a Board member you have to live/work/go to school in Mount Baker. To volunteer or be on a committee you just have to love Mount Baker.

Anything else I need to know?

Nope. Just send us an email! Happy to answer any questions and meet for an informal chat.